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June 1, 2017

Let’s Talk About PRP

Y’all know what I love? Open access science, that’s what. And that’s why this week’s good news about cell therapy comes from an article that’s freely available to every single one of you, right here on the regular old internet. This study actually came out about a year ago, but I think it deserves a little more attention than it’s received thus far. Here’s why: this study executed a head to head comparison of hyaluronic acid (HA) injections (aka viscosupplementation) and platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is frequently a topic of conversation with doctor and patients. The authors concluded that PRP achieved longer lasting results in all patients and was more effective in reducing pain and disability (as measure by a quality of life scale) in patients with less severe arthritis. – Read More –

May 16, 2017

3D Printed Organs Are Happening Now

You heard it here first folks, unless you read the same Nature Communications article as me, in which case you heard it there first. Either way: 3D printed organs are a reality! For mice right now, but scale-wise it’s not that far from humans. This first foray into functioning 3D printed replacements involves a number of unique situations though, so don’t go ruining your liver just yet.  – Read More –

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