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Richard Suzuki, PhD

January 19, 2017

Seriously Y’all, Stop With The Antibiotic Abuse

Hello readers, it’s Dr. Richard Suzuki again and I’ll be writing today’s Celling blog.  I’d like to discuss the recent surge of media attention surrounding antibiotic-resistant bacteria resulting from the unfortunate case of a 70-year old woman who died in Washoe County, Nevada. Dr. Moncivais has discussed the subject of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a previous blog, but given the renewed discussion over these “superbugs” as they care called, I thought it would be timely to re-address the subject. – Read More –

November 8, 2016

“Older” Patients Have Adult Stem Cells Too!

Hello, blog readers. If you are reading this blog, then you should know that we are cycling through different posters each week. And if you are reading this blog, you should also know that you have excellent judgement in selecting online sources of information regarding cell therapies.

My name is Richard Suzuki, and I’m one of the Ph.D.s here at Celling. I’ve done guest blogs, and this time I would like to address a recurring question that is brought up in the autologous cell therapy field.  – Read More –