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SAN DIEGO (May 22, 2009) Sailors from Repair 5 Main hold up the trophy ax after winning the Damage Control Olympics aboard the amphibious assault ship, USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6). Damage Control Olympics is an annual competition that pits Bonhomme Richard repair lockers against each other, testing team knowledge, communication and skill to see who is the best locker aboard the ship. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Drew Williams/Released)
January 27, 2017

The Revolution is Now

This post is written in response to Dr. Peter Diamandis’s “Stem Cells are Poised to Change Health and Medicine Forever.” While this article was informative, I have taken the time to elaborate on some of the topics and discussed some inconsistencies with what we have seen in peer-reviewed scientific articles. – Read More –

June 30, 2016

Full of Meconium III

I have been exploring over the past couple of posts (here and here) the ingredients that can be found in the latest miracle cure regenerative therapy: amniotic fluid without micronized placental tissue. I have focused on the website content of Regenerative Processing Plant (RPP), a company offering an amniotic fluid product. I had just finished with RPP’s claim that proteins in amniotic fluid are immune privileged (which makes no sense to me). RPP implies that their laundry list of proteins and extracellular matrix constitute what the company refers to as the mixology of stuff that does great things. – Read More –

Bloody Placenta PD_crop_blur
June 28, 2016

Full of Meconium II

In the last post I provided an excerpt of some of the language I found on a website for a company called Regenerative Processing Plant (RPP), which markets a product that contains only amniotic fluid, in contrast to other injectable products that are made from micronized placental tissue. It seems to me from what I read on their website that the RPP product itself doesn’t contain any micronized placental tissue, so micronization of placental tissue isn’t an issue. On the other hand, there are a number of other issues I believe the FDA could raise with the company concerning statements on their website, but I won’t dwell on these potentially problematic faux pas. – Read More –

Blood Slide
June 23, 2016

Full of Meconium I

One of my duties at Celling Biosciences is to interact with physicians who seek information about the whole “regenerative medicine” thing. Of course, the advantage for me is that I get to hear what sales reps are telling these physicians about the various products that the doc should be using to provide “stem cell” therapy in their practice. Much to my dismay, but not my surprise, the information the physicians say they were provided frequently turns out to be incorrect and/or blatantly misleading. – Read More –

Bloody Placenta PD_crop_blur
November 12, 2015

Homologous Use Draft Guidance IV

In the last post (111015), I had finished reviewing examples of what the FDA means when it mentions the function or functions of HCT/Ps in the context of the draft guidance on homologous use it issued the last week in October. I will continue with a review of additional elements of the draft guidance, including one example that isn’t so humdrum (the term I used previously to describe the quality of the examples the FDA has included in the draft guidance).  – Read More –

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